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    Here are some details from the Lake Wivenhoe Frequently Asked Questions Guide

    What and Why - Although there is no restriction on engine size, vessels must only use low emission outboards/engines, such as four strokes or direct fuel-injected two strokes. Wivenhoe is one of the main drinking water supply dams for South East Queensland. By restricting the motors to low emission engines, such as four strokes or direct fuel-injection two strokes, we are minimising the likelihood of pollution to the water. Older two stroke motors are proven high pollutant motors.

    Speed limits - Maximum speed is 6 knots which is approximately 12 kilometres per hour. Generally, if your boat is 'on the plane', you will be travelling at over 6 knots.

    Launching - Vessels are only to be launched and retrieved from designated launch points. The public boat ramps are located at Hamon Cove and Logan Inlet.

    Size & Could I travel from one end to the other in a day? - Lake Wivenhoe is the second largest lake in Queensland, and is over 50 kilometres in length. Launching from Logan Inlet and travelling at 6 knots to the upper reaches and back would constitute around an 8 hour round trip.

    Restricted Areas - There is a vessel prohibition area approximately three kilometres upstream of the dam wall. This is for operational reasons. Access is also prohibited on land that is not part of a designated recreation area. This is private property and accessing this property would be considered trespass.

    Mobile Coverage, Breakdown and Emergency - Please be aware that there may be areas of the lake that have little or no mobile phone coverage.  The operator of the vessel is responsible for the safety of the vessel and all passengers, and should plan for such events before launching. Genuine emergencies should be reported to Emergency Services by dialling 000 (or 112 from mobile phones). Your smart-phone may be able to access GPS to provide location details to assist in recovery.

    Fishing Permit - Fishing is permitted from the shore, as well as from vessels. A SIP fishing permit is required. Shore fishing is only permitted from designated recreation areas. Other areas around the lake are private property.

    Boating Permit - If you have a Somerset Boating Permit it will be acceptable at both sites, although the additional requirements for low emission motors and a 6 knot maximum speed will apply for boating on Lake Wivenhoe.

    Camping - Permitted in the designated camping grounds at Lumley Hill and Captain Logan Camp.  Overnight stays on the water are not permitted.  Regardless of your camp area vessels must be launched from the boat ramps at the day use areas at Logan Inlet or Hamon Cove.

    Compliance and safety - The laws on all inland waterways are the same and set by Maritime Safety Queensland. If your vessel is registered then you are required to carry the full complement of safety gear. Details can be found on the MSQ website (www.msq.qld.gov.au). Rangers and Police will be actively patrolling Wivenhoe Dam.

    Other Water sports - Waterskiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding and tubing are not permitted on Lake Wivenhoe. Houseboats and overnight stays on the water are not permitted. You can enjoy these activities at Lake Atkinson and Lake Somerset. Lake Atkinson is about a 15 minute drive west of Lake Wivenhoe, and Lake Somerset is located less than an hour to the north.

    General - Fisheries Queensland controls the fishing rules and regulations in Queensland and administers the Stocked Impoundment Scheme (SIPS). To purchase a SIPS permit or for a list of outlets, call 13 25 23 or visit http://goo.gl/uS2bhu or ring 13 25 23.  For more information go to http://goo.gl/SABIVo. (Seqwater -  www.seqwater.com.au)


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