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  • Local region Fishing Report 5 Feb 2014

    5 February at 07:53 from atlas

    Date: Wednesday 5th February 2014

    Cooby Dam: Windy conditions have made fishing quite difficult over the last few weeks. For those that have ventured out there has been some good fish caught but low in numbers. Casting Vibes and Spinnerbait around timber and weed beds taking some fish. The western bank of the northern leg is still producing some good fish. Bait fishing from the bank in the late afternoon with worms and saltwater yabbies is producing some good yellowbelly and Jew fish.

    Cressbrook: Not a lot to report from Cressbrook this week. Deep diving Smak and RMG Poltergeist 50 XDD lures and blades have been working ok. The back end of Bulls creek leg and along the buoy line is producing a mixed bag of fish. Some good number of redclaw have been caught.

    Lake Dyer: Reports of some good bass and yellowbelly trolling green Smak Golden Child hard bodied lures and casting spinner baits at the banks.

    Leslie Dam: Casting Vibes around the dam wall area is producing some good fish. The back end of the dam is also producing some good yellowbelly and some silver perch on saltwater yabbies and shrimp

    Boondooma Dam: Windy conditions have made it tough at Boondooma this week. Casting Spinnerbait and vibes at timber and the bank is producing some fish. Redclaw in good number up the Boyne.

    Send in photos of your catch and we will put on our wall or in our fishing report. 
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    Lure of The Week: American made Norman Deep Little N is a 65mm fast diving and suspending lure. Has quite a loud rattle and comes in good colour range and good finish .Good for yellowbelly and bass. Fitted with Gamakatsu hooks. In store now


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