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  • 'Like' our Website & Over 500 Likes on Facebook

    21 January at 00:43 from atlas

    In addition to a continual stream of new customers over a short 2.5 years, and our loyal customers, we have reached over 500 likes on our Facebook page in a relatively short time.   

    "Thank you" - We view this support as another way you are happy, spreading the word, and it shows that our customers Appreciate Us.  We are very proud of our continual growth, as a locally owned and run business - Highfields Bait and Tackle. 

    When you 'Like Us' on FB it makes it easy to get instant information and it's even easier when you also 'Follow Us'.

    We continue to use facebook and the web as a platform to keep you updated with fishing reports, local information, new tackle, technology and brands that come on board and your photos.  Importantly, it is a quick way to check opening hours on Public Holidays (usually open til 12 noon, however sometimes we will also take advantage and close for the entire public holiday).

    We totally understand that NOT everyone uses Facebook.  

    In addition to FB, our website is where you will find EXTRA information about us, our brands, brochures and guides and more.

    Utilise both to keep the most up to date.  Let us know if there is something you would like to see on FB or the Web.

    'LIKE' our Website - Lets see if we can get the webpage over 500 also.


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