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  • Fishing Report - Cooby, Cressbrook, Somerset, Leslie

    8 September at 13:29 from atlas

    Cooby Dam:  Good weather over the last week has made fishing a little bit easier.  Good numbers of yellowbelly have been caught by some but others have missed out.  Most catches have been in water around the five to six meters.

    The weed bed straight out from the boat ramp and the point across from the sailing club is producing some good fish. Bank fishing the pontoon area with saltwater yabbies is also producing some Yellowbelly and Jew on worms.

    Blades and small profile lures taking some fish.

    Leslie Dam:  Fishing at the rocky area near the dam with spinnerbaits is producing some fish.  Bait fishing the back end with shrimp and saltwater yabbies is working ok.

    Cressbrook:  Some good fish starting to show up at Cressbrook this week.  Trolling with deep diving hard bodied lures in the main area to the left of the boat ramp is my tip.

    Using Ice Jigs and Blades around the buoy line and deer island producing some fish. Yellowbelly caught in the Cressbrook creek leg of the dam using shrimp. Try fishing any points and drop-offs with blades and shrimp. Reports of redclaw being caught in deeper water.

    Somerset:  Some good number of bass at Pelican Point Queen Street and the timbered area at Kirkleagh.  Nexgen Ecite Blades and Ice Jigs have been working. Good numbers of redclaw showing up in deeper water.

    Lure of the week:  Legend Hellmax is an Australian made lure that comes in two diving depths, 5 and 10 foot.  Good tight action and colour range. Good for yellowbelly, bass, cod and flathead.

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