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  • Fishing Report 5th October 2013

    6 October at 09:29 from atlas

    Cooby Dam: This week good numbers of yellowbelly are being caught on hard bodied lures whilst trolling lures around and over the weed beds in the back end of the northern leg. Little Ripper and Cooby Cobber lures in dark colours are recommended. Fishing the pontoon area in the late afternoon with saltwater yabbies and shrimp is working ok, whilst blades and soft plastics are also taking some fish. 
    Cressbrook: The Bull's Creek leg is producing some nice bass and quite a few gar. The point across from the rocks in the Cressbrook leg is producing some small bass on spinner baits and small hard body lures in green colours. Casting blades and Jackalls to the shallows in the late afternoon is attracting some small bass. Saltwater yabbies and shrimp are working ok. Redclaw are a little hit and miss. 

    Somerset: Some good quality yellowbelly around the four to five kilo weight in the Stanley River leg of the dam and around Queen Street. Pelican point and Queen Street is producing good bass on blades and plastics. The timbered area at Kirkleagh for bass and yellowbelly using Jackall Mask vibes Plastics and blades. Redclaw a little slow. 

    Lure of The Week: Frisky Ninja Blades. Come in 35mm x 5gm and 45mm x 8gm. Good colour range and are rigged with stinger hooks and skirt. Good for bass or yellowbelly bream and flatties

    Until Next Time: Doug.  Send in photos of your catch and we will put on our wall or in our fishing report.  For all your bait and tackle, kayaks, electric motors and fishing advice call in and see us at Highfields Bait and Tackle. Don't forget to "Like us on Facebook". 


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