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  • Fishing Report 25 November 2013

    25 November at 17:51 from atlas

    Lake Cooby: The area around the school boat ramp and the western bank of the northern leg is producing some good yellowbelly and some small cod on trolled lures. The deeper holes at the buoy line in the northern leg are also producing some good fish. Purple colours in hard body lures, Blades, and Spinner baits are working ok.  Saltwater Yabbies and shrimp are the baits of choice.

    Cressbrook Dam: Not a lot has changed at Cressbrook this week .some good fish taken on some Smak Golden Child lures in the venom colour. The toilet area in the bull's creek leg is producing some good numbers of fish. Yellowbelly in the Cressbrook creek leg of the dam. Still some reports of fish in the eagles nest area of the dam .Leaving pots in overnight is producing some good redclaw

    Somerset: The timbered area at Kirkleagh is still producing some good yellowbelly using Shrimp and blades. Bass at Queen Street on hard bodied lures.  Good numbers of redclaw if pots are left in overnight

    Leslie Dam: The back end of the dam is producing some good yellowbelly and some small cod. Using Spinnerbait around the rocks at the dam wall is producing some fish. Saltwater yabbies and shrimp the bait to use

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    Until Next Time:  Doug Leicht  


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